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Vacant Property Inspection

Regular vacant property checks help simplify the management of your estate, reduce Insurance premiums and help maintain value.

Regular patrols alert you to any maintenance issues ensuring the value of your property doesn’t drop.

Our vacant property services keep out vandals, squatters, fly-tippers and thieves, keep you up to date on your estate and keep your insurance company sweet.

How Do Vacant Property Inspections Work?


Site survey

Tell us what you need to manage your building; meter readings, water damage checks, photo reports. We run a full health and safety check for our officers and detail access and patrol information.


Regular checks

A trained and trusted officer conducts scheduled patrols to make sure everything is as it should be and handle anything urgent on site.


Full reports

Job reports detail our findings to make sure you have all the information you need to manage your property remotely.

Our security team are experts in protecting vacant properties.


From a simple lock change through to high-security temporary steel screens and monitored alarms, we can do it all – 24 hours a day, across South Devon


Our products and technology are designed to meet the risk of vandalism, arson, squatting, theft or traveller occupation on a low-cost and simple daily hire basis.

We also ensure we meet the obligations of your property insurance policy with Void Property Inspections, clearance, drain-down and isolation of utilities.

Call now to discuss your requirements

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