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24Hr Emergency Locksmith

Call now 01803 900107

Experienced experts and technicians are ready to help you out at your hardest at any time of the day or night. Whether you have locked yourself out, lost your key, the lock is broken, or you are going through any other unpleasant situation that prevents you from feeling safe, our Devon emergency locksmith professionals are available 24/7, 365 days/year to assist you.

Get Dependable and Fast 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Services across Devon.

Emergencies should be prioritized, so our skilled locksmiths can be with you typically within the hour.

Just give us a call, explain what your emergency is and provide us with the address. The rest is on us!

We provide reliable services for residential and commercial properties.
Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation that can only be solved efficiently with the help of a locksmith, call for assistance today. We can deal with the most difficult situations, with the resources necessary to help with any type of lockout.

Services Offered

new door lock

New Locks & Fixings

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If you just moved in or you relocated your office, the first thing you should think about is changing your door locks.


Our skilled locksmiths can provide you with the latest information with regards to new and improved lock systems.

locked out

Door Entry

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If you have become stranded and locked out of your property our team of skilled locksmiths can have you back into your property in no time.

Locksmith broken key

Damaged Locks

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If your locks have become damaged as the result of an aging key or lock itself our team of dedicated and skilled locksmiths can gain entry to your property and replace the locks 24/7.

key safe

Lock Box & Key Safe

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Our Engineers fit over 200 Key boxes to properties each year allowing loved ones and the emergency services quick and easy access around the clock.

Ask about our Key registration service.

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