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Event Security

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"SSG's event security expertise and commitment enable us as event organisers to focus on the actual delivery of the entertainment, knowing that safety and security issues are in professional hands."

Lt Col. E Botterill, Chair,

Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta

We are a premier supplier of event security and safety services, working with organisers on large-scale events hosting major celebrities from the film, music and sports industries. Our dedicated team has successfully undertaken the safety and security of many successful events throughout the UK.

Through experience, we know that each event is unique. For this reason, a detailed risk assessment specific to the type of event, location and audience is conducted as a first step. This allows us to follow a customised security plan that anticipates, monitors and controls potential risk.

Our experts can offer support every step of the way, advising on issues such as venue planning, access control, crowd flows, and critical area protection. SSG also takes responsibility for coordinating all associated services such as police, stewards, medical, traffic management and firefighting teams.

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Unlike most security providers, SSG ensure that our dedicated team of planners work closely with event organisers from day one, ensuring the correct coverage on the correct day.

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SSG will always ensure that our management team have visited the location of the event at least once prior to your event in order for them to have a better understanding of any geographical issues.

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All event organisers new or seasoned will understand the importance of communication, your events dedicated account manager will keep in regular contact with you and assist in every way possible to ensure the event runs to the pest of its ability.

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