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Mobile Security Patrols

Specialist Services Group Van on mobile patrols with the police

Mobile Security Patrols


A flexible and cost-effective alternative to static guarding.


Trained mobile patrol personnel will slash the cost of stationery security guards and give you a flexible resource that can be deployed where the need is greatest.

How Do Mobile Security Patrols Work?

Security Shield in grey

Inside Out.

Uniformed, SIA-licensed officers make their presence known as they conduct thorough, regular patrols– checking vulnerable points such as doors and windows and reporting back any issues in real-time.

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On the move

Mobile guards cover a greater area than static guards and can be deployed more flexibly where demand arises.

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Patrols can be rapidly scaled up and down as required.

Our Mobile Patrol Officer will alert our Head Office of not only unusual activities on your premises but provide your company with a deterrent against criminal damage and vandalism. Mobile Patrol Officers can also provide lone worker protection and an early warning of Health & Safety issues, giving you all round protection 24/7.

Our Mobile Patrols are designed to be affordable for everyone and can provide you with a solution to all of your premises’ security issues.

Our well-equipped Mobile Patrol units make random security patrols of clients’ premises (business and residential), through the night and at weekends – to ensure the security of all doors, gates and windows. Their duties include rapid response to alarm situations, varied patrols of building interior/ exterior, turning off non-essential lighting, securing windows/ shutters/ doors, and resetting alarms.

Mobile Patrol staff from SSG can also accompany essential outside visitors, including regular suppliers, allowing your staff to focus on their regular jobs. This is an excellent addition to permanent security staff, such as those at site entrances. Our Mobile Security Patrols can respond quickly to any emergency that may arise. An assigned supervisory guard can be issued with keys and alarm instructions to customer premises, these instructions are locked in a safe carried on the vehicle.

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