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Manned Security Guarding

Specialist Services Group Security Officer

Temporary or long-term SIA licenced security guards waiting in the wings for when you need them

Manned Guarding is the most effective deterrent against would-be intruders and ultimately crime, Our uniformed, SIA licenced & highly trained Security Officers will conduct regular patrols and report back any occurrences or issues in real-time.

Our network of security guards can be tapped into as a fall back, top-up, or long-term resource to offset absences, increased risk during refurbishments or after a break-in.


Our security guards can be sourced quickly for any length of time.


We are also able to offer dog handlers and door supervisors if required.

How does Guarding work?

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Our Network

Clients, existing or new, can request security guards for any site across their estate, regardless of whether we already hold keys.

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Greater flexibility

Short-term and short notice, our dedicated team can help with security guards.

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Peace of mind

We keep your property, or staff, safe and secure and report back on any incidents.

The most effective deterrent against property crime is to employ an experienced, trained and most importantly, SIA licenced static security guard to protect your premises. No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. You need to secure your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling access to them.

The term ‘static security guard’ can refer to a guard who doesn’t move about very much. Such a static security guard would probably be based in a control room (such as a CCTV monitoring unit) or perhaps a weigh-bridge. Often static security guards will operate drop barriers and supervise time clocks etc from a gate-house office/base. Other static security guards may cover out-of-hours duties in a reception, or a static security guard might be required to stay in one specific location for a variety of reasons, e.g. acting as a deterrent to crime or perhaps providing First Aid back-up on night shifts.

But many static security guards are anything but static, and may walk miles carrying out regular physical checks of their assignments, ‘clocking’ as they go the secure points which record times, dates and locations showing exactly what areas have been physically checked.

The days of the night watchman are now gone, modern day static security guards are people who know and understand their responsibilities and diligently apply their sense of sight, hearing and suspicion in order to ensure that property and people are adequately protected.

The static security guard of today can play an important determining role in the successful operations of any business, corporate or manufacturing, retail or financial.

No matter what the industry or assignment the static security guard, through their positive training and their expertise, are capable of adapting themselves to many varying security related duties, from coordinating a busy reception area to manning and monitoring a distribution company’s gatehouse or CCTV system.

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