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Port Security Officers

Cruise ship being guarded by SSG

Highly trained, uniformed Port Security Officers actively help to deter crime and antisocial behaviour in and around the port.

As an island nation, the UK’s ports are a vital part of this country’s infrastructure, enabling trade and travel across the globe. Unfortunately, this also means that port security is under constant threat from criminal trade, illegal immigration and terrorist activity.

As the threat to port security is constantly shifting depending on who or what is passing through, it is essential to find a maritime security service that can rapidly adapt and respond to your current security requirements. SSG's maritime security guards are available as part of a bespoke package, letting you choose exactly how often you need them deployed and whether they are delivered as a static security guard service or as part of a mobile patrol.

How Does SSG Port Security Work?


Total Cover

Uniformed, Highly trained Ports Security officers ensure that all persons and belongings are fully checked on entering the boundaries of the port, utilising state of the art technology.

Map pin


Our officers are able to deploy to multiple landing points as and when required, ideal for ports receiving multiple tenders or vessels



Specialist Service Group utilises the use of in-house technology meaning that vessel guest lists and crew sheets are checked in real time along with search reports and security inspections.

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